Innova! The leading manufacturer of Inversion Tables

Before we get into the types of inversion tables, we must first briefly shed some light into the inversion therapy for which inversion tables are used.

Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is a spinal technique of health that angles the body downhill for a small amount of time. To help stretch of the spine and reduce pressure of compressed discs, own bodyweight and gravity is used in inversion therapy. Inversion table is used for practicing inversion therapy as it allows the users to protect themselves and the inversion table is tilted for angle adjustment. Depending on the angle, a user usually remains in inverted position for 15 minutes on average, however, there is no time limitation and a user can remain in the inverted position as long as he is comfortable and not overly stretched. Chiropractors or Physiotherapists applies inversion therapy on appointment of their patients. If you feel a regular inversion therapy is beneficial without the help of the doctor then inversion tables can be used which can be used at home for inversion therapy. Although this may not be a permanent solution but over the time inversion therapy has been found extremely useful in chronic low back pain, sciatica pain, degenerative disc disease and muscle tension.

Innova Inversion Tables

A regular use of inversion table not only benefits in pain relief by stretching and releasing tension from muscles around the spine but many other benefits like increased flexibility, improved blood circulation and reduced stress have also been reported by its regular user. To name few benefits of using inversion tables regularly are better spine health, it averts the need for surgery, evades the use of painkillers, reduces stress and increases mobility. Innova stands out as the leading health and fitness equipment manufacturer and also when it comes to Inversion tables. Three Innova Inversion Table are discussed below which may assist you in making decision better of which to opt for yourself if required.

  • Innova Fitness ITX 9600 Inversion Table

This model has triumphant of all the Innova Models. This is fully packed with different features and comes with adjustable headrest and protective cover which is famous of all the company’s products. For easy balancing, it comes with True Balance System. This is low in price as compared to other heavy duty innova inversion table.

  • Innova ITM 4800 Inversion Table

This model comes with Advances Heat and Massage therapeutic inversion table and is one of the most comfortable inversion tables. This is a heavy duty medium ranged inversion table which is designed to provide maximum meaningful experience by giving massage during inversion therapy through its massage pad with isolated heat and vibration panel.

  • Innova ITM 5900 Inversion Table

This is one of the most expensive models of all the Innova Inversion Tables; however, it also provides the maximum features to its users. It has a vertical massage pad which cover maximum spine and lower back area, moreover, heat is provided to the waist and lower back region of the user through the table’s integrated lumbar pad. To maximize the user’s comfort, it provides an adjustable height and adjustable headrest. For users to invert at a preferred and comfortable angle, this table provides a 5 position safety pin angle.

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